Asana Task Management: Priority Sorting

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Now that PIC is using Priority Tags to identify 3 levels of urgency to a task (P1, P2, P3), we need a method to organize these tasks accordingly.

You can easily identify what your upcoming P1 (High Priority) and P2 (Medium Priority) tasks are using a report within Asana. Follow the steps below!

Go to My Tasks and click in the Search Bar. Choose Advanced Search.

Set your search options:
Assigned to “you”
Due within the next # days

In Filters, add “Has Tags” for P1 and P2.

Click Search.

Choose what order to view them in, by Due Date or other in the Sort Menu at the top right.

Save your report by clicking Save Search at the top right and name it something you can identify as your priority report. It will now appear on the left side bar of your Asana for easy access!

For step-by-step visual, check out the video below!

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