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We can use the Listing ID and Google Tag Manager to track Business Impressions for Pittsburgh Internet Consulting. On the PIC directory listing, the ID is labeled “wpbdp-listing-250999”. This is the ID that will be used to create the tag in Google Tag Manager.

The next step is to create the tag and trigger in Google Tag Manager. In Google Tag Manager, we create an element visibility trigger first.

In this example, it is named “PIC Impressions”.
For the Selection Method, we choose “ID”.
The Element ID is what we pulled from the listing “wpbdp-listing-250999”.
We set this to fire every time the element appears and select “Observe All DOM changes”.

Next, we can add the trigger to a tag in Google Analytics. This is where we track the trigger firing as an event.
We name the tag “Business Impressions” and the category “Business Impressions” as well.
Then, add the Page Path as the Action and Click ID as the Event.

We started tracking impressions as an event for Pittsburgh Internet Consulting on April 23. You can see in Google Analytics events that when you go to the Category “Business Impressions”, the action and label can be shown as the page path as well as the Click ID.

The page path is where people clicked the PIC listing and the ID is the ID that matches “wpbdp-listing-250999”.

We can update the naming conventions of these if needed and possibly apply to other clients to track Business Impressions.

The original presentation document on tracking for Business Impressions can be found here.

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