CallRail Tracking Update

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The Client Success department is taking ownership of CallRail when it comes to tracking. We’ve had a few issues on certain accounts over the past several months. This has required some digging on our part in order to clean up data that is flowing – or not flowing – in Google Analytics.

Static Tracking Numbers

Static numbers should almost never be used on client websites. When a static number is used, the tracking parameters also become static. This means that Google Analytics cannot match up call goals with specific Google Ads dimensions such as campaign identifiers or keywords. Static numbers are appropriate to use when tracking things off-site like calls from Google My Business or a Google Ads Extension.

Dynamic number pools are necessary in order to gather detailed session level data and report it to Google Analytics.

Call Goals

If you do not see “call goals” reporting in Google Analytics, it may be due to an existing filter that is in place. One of our default Google Analytics spam filters excludes sessions that have a Browser Size = (not set). If this filter is in place and you are using CallRail, the call goals will not show in Google Analytics.

For setup and questions around CallRail, refer to Matt and Parker in the Client Success department moving forward!

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