Google Partners Program – Update

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PIC has maintained Premier Partner status for several years.

Starting in February 2022, companies need to meet the Partner requirements and be in the top 3% of participating companies within a given country to become a Premier Partner. Below are the areas that Google Premier Partners are judged.

The performance requirement helps ensure that you can effectively set up and optimally run Google Ads campaigns to achieve the greatest results for your clients. The current threshold is 70% optimization score. PIC’s current optimization score is 75.8% .

Your Google Partners registered Ads Manager account needs to maintain a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 USD across managed accounts. Our current spend is $4377,905.97 .

Ads Manager account needs to have a minimum of 50% of your account strategists certified in Google Ads, with at least one certification in each product area with campaign spend (for example Search, Display, Video, Shopping, or Apps). We currently have more than 1 user certified in Search, Display, Video, and Shopping.

New Partner Benefits currently seen in as a Google Premier Partner include Education & Insights, Access & Support, and Recognition & Rewards.

For more information, check out the guide for becoming a Google Partner!

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