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the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp is offered once a quarter exclusively to agency partners.

The Pipeline Generation Bootcamp is tailored for Partners who want to learn new skills for opening more doors, connecting with more prospects, and generating more opportunities so they can close more deals and grow business for themselves and clients.  

About the Course:

  • Ask CAM for a recommendation for the course,
  • Submit the initial application and phone interview with Dan Tyre,
  • Required to attend one webinar per week with the other students in the course,
  • Commit an hour per day for eight weeks,
  • Interactive material/training/homework,
  • Participate in role playing and brainstorming with others and receive detail feedback from other partners and Dan,
  • Seats are very limited.

Top takeaways from the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp:

  1. Help solve problems, don’t sell the solution
  2. Video email converts over regular emai
  3. Always know (research) who you’re talking to
  4. Smarketing (Smart + Marketing) is a word, use it – it leads to free breakfast sandwiches
  5. A consistent sales cadence and workflow is the only way to establish a consistent pipeline
  6. Most simple explanation of Inbound Marketing ‘increases Website Traffic, generates leads, and assists with Customer Acquisition.’
  7. It reminded me of things I should be doing that maybe had been forgotten, it reinforced some of the ideas and practices I had already been following and it gave me lots of new ideas and techniques to use.

At the end of the day, this bootcamp was more than generating sales, it was a framework for helping out clients to generate these very pipelines

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