HubSpot Pop-up & Slide-in Forms

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Office Furniture Warehouse had two separate offers they wanted placed on the site. One offer was for an Office Redesign around Covid and the other was a Home Office Design.

HubSpot has “Pop-up Forms” that allow us to showcase these offers in a few different ways without overwhelming users on the site. These are provided with limits to appear to users once per day.
Covid Office Redesign – Pop-up form that appears upon reaching a 50% page scroll.
Home Office Design – Slide-in form that shows in the bottom right corner of the browser window. This only appears on Product Category and Product pages after 7 seconds of viewing.

For Office Furniture Warehouse, these “forms” really function as CTAs since they point to Landing Pages. This is because HubSpot doesn’t allow pop-up forms to send users to TY pages after submitting.
If you’re not using HubSpot Landing Pages, you need to set up additional targeting restrictions to keep the pop-ups from showing to users repeatedly in one visit.

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