HubSpot to Wix Form Embed Guide

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Creating a form directly from a Wix site does not allow the same kind of tracking and analysis options as creating a HubSpot form and embedding that form onto a Wix site.

To take advantage of the benefits of a HubSpot form for your Wix site, choose to create an “embedded form” in HubSpot. You will be able to take the embed code HubSpot provides and implant it on the backend of your Wix site. In the Wix settings, you use the Custom Code feature to paste the code. You can also set the form to appear on different pages and at different points on a page.

Make sure to remove any related Wix forms you may have made that the HubSpot form now takes over! Go to your Wix main dashboard and open the Content Manager. Here is where you can edit, update, or – in this case – remove the existing Wix form.

There you go! You now have a HubSpot form on your Wix site!

For the complete guide to getting your HubSpot form onto your Wix website, click here!

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