Instagram Reels Ads: Boosting Strategy

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Reels are short, engaging, fun videos hosted on Instagram that are used in a similar way as TikTok. Like TikTok, one of the biggest appeals to users and creators alike, is the ability to be constantly reaching a new audience.

Recently, Facebook announced that advertisers will be able to incllude Instagram Reels as a placement for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Our client, Apartment Store, has been actively posting Reels on all their IG accounts. Mostly, the videos are about their properties and other tips for people moving off-campus.

We are going to “boost” these posts as part of our awareness campaign strategy. We’ll be able to use the same targeting options since we are running these through Facebook Ads Manager.

Since Reels need to be a video and be 1080×1920, we’ll have to start a new campaign that runs along side the existing awareness campaign. This new campaign will only have placements on Instagram Reels (and possibly Facebook and Instagram stories).

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