HubSpot to Gravity Form Integration

1) Add HubSpot Add-On to WordPress In Word Press select “Forms” “Add-On” and install the HubSpot add-on. ​ Once, the HubSpot add-on is added to Word Press, it will show on the DashBoard. Select “HubSpot”> “Forms”>”Create New” to create a new HubSpot form.  2) Create HubSpot Form Give it a title that will be recognizable Insert the …

Using Hotjar Heatmaps

After re-designing a new website, we wanted to see where our users were going​ Heatmaps from Hotjar shows us analytics based on where users are clicking. You can see desktop, mobile, and tablet as well as clicks, mouse movements, and how far down users will scroll

Anchor- Podcast Hosting Platform

Anchor is a simple, one-stop shop for everything you need to record, host, distribute and monetize podcasts. You can record and edit straight from Anchor or upload any type of audio file. Anchor will distribute the podcast to iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms Track listens by platform, region etc, and monetize podcast with Ads provided …

Tracking Clicks with Tag Manager and Analytics

SLS has a slider on their home page. We wanted to find out which specific slider pages were getting the most traffic We set up a trigger for when the click class is the white button “white-btn”, and the page path is ”/” for the homepage We set up tags to alert which specific URL …

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Sharethrough created an algorithm that scores headlines based on factors such as how much attention they grab, how clear the message is, and whether it will deliver a strong impression of your brand. They give an overall score that includes strengths and weaknesses Engagement and Impression scores are added with tips to increase both