WordPress REST API & Adding Custom Endpoints with Alpine JS

With WordPress REST, we can create custom endpoints with any query and information we want. This helps organize that data for filtering or easier HTML development. We pass parameters on the query string and get different JSON results using those parameters. Through Alpine JS we can use the JSON result from the REST API to …

Google PageSpeed – Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources Above the Fold caused from Google Fonts

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45983301/google-pagespeed-eliminate-render-blocking-resources-above-the-fold-caused-fro   https://web.dev/defer-non-critical-css/#optimize

HubSpot Pop-up & Slide-in Forms

Office Furniture Warehouse had two separate offers they wanted placed on the site. One offer was for an Office Redesign around Covid and the other was a Home Office Design. HubSpot has “Pop-up Forms” that allow us to showcase these offers in a few different ways without overwhelming users on the site. These are provided …

Process – SEO Spot Check on Website Launch

Post-launch, I have a process in place to check a few key SEO items on new sites. Domain Redirects = Check to make sure www. and non-www. versions of site are redirecting to the correct place. Same with the http and https. Screaming Frog = Full site scan to look for the following issues… 4xx …

Using Hotjar Heatmaps

After re-designing a new website, we wanted to see where our users were going​ Heatmaps from Hotjar shows us analytics based on where users are clicking. You can see desktop, mobile, and tablet as well as clicks, mouse movements, and how far down users will scroll